After graduating from the National School of Landscape Architecture (ENSP) in Versailles in 1994, Laure Planchais founded her agency in Paris the very same year, and later opened a second agency in Brest in 2007. The agency can handle a wide range of territorial scope and is familiar with a great variety of domains (urban renewal and extensions, heritage sites, tourist attractions, nature areas, industrial facilities, technical infrastructures) carrying complex issues like the BREEAM method, the involvement of a large amount of stakeholders, budgetary constraints etc.

She works with multidisciplinary teams on a regular basis (architects, town planners, sociologists, engineers, light designers, signage designers, ecology experts and others), who are bound by ties of loyalty that will guarantee ongoing work quality. Her projects combine pragmatism, cost-saving ingeniousness and poetry to counter any complex issues at stake.

Her Project Management activity is strengthened by her deep involvement in raising public awareness of the issues surrounding Landscape Architecture and the Environment. As a landscaping consultant for the Government, she is routinely called upon to teach landscape architecture and to speak at conferences, thereby enhancing her perspective, where she uses her attention to background and to living motion as material for her formal research.

In her declaration of faith, she points out that the only reason landscaping exists is that there are people who derive great pleasure from observing, fashioning and idealising the places where they live. She further believes that one of the fundamental features of landscape architecture is that to create a landscape relies not only on the physical work performed on the site, but also on the social perspective being applied to the site. Her professional intent is therefore to create affective and qualitative value to be shared by the most people so as to take part in “reenchanting” the land into a landscape.

She is involved on a regular basis in issues relating to her trade, and she promotes the hiring of young graduates. Together with architect Marc Barani, Laure PLANCHAIS co-chaired the jury for the 2016 AJAP (Young Architects and Landscape Architects Awards), held by the French Ministry of Culture.


Laure PLANCHAIS was awarded the National Grand Prize for Landscape Architecture in 2012 by the French Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy, for her work in developing the Parc du Grand Pré in LANGUEUX, Côtes-du-Nord.



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