ZAC Vallée Guyot – NIORT (Deux-Sèvres)


Completion year 2014
Contracting Authority Municipality of Niort
Mission ZAC (Integrated Development Zone) in the Vallée Guyot neighbourhood
Project Management Team Town-planners Forma6 (mandated agent), Landscape architects and designers Laure Planchais, Environmental engineers ECR, Cityzen Energies Renouvelables, Urban ecologists UrbanEco
Surface area 48.2 hectares
Budget €13.5m exc. VAT
Ratio €28 exc. VAT per m²

The landscaping project for the Vallée Guyot neighbourhood involved farmland that is fairly divided up.
The project proposed to boost the possibilities of creating some local farming activity inside the neighbourhood by taking advantage of the best panoramas overlooking the landscape.
The existence of old low dry stone walls, which host a specific fauna and flora, offered an opportunity to give a powerful environmental aspect to the future urban project.
Lastly, a polluted former industrial facility was included in the project with the idea of turning it into an urban park.


The operation was abandoned following the municipal elections in 2014.