Vallée Verte Development – LANNILIS (Finistère)


Completion year Work in progress
Contracting Authority Municipality of Lannilis
Mission Developing the Vallée Verte (Green Valley) in Lannilis
Project Management Team Consulting engineers SAFEGE (mandated agent), Landscape architects and designers Laure Planchais
Surface area 9.8 hectares
Budget €1.3m exc. VAT
Ratio €13.30 exc. VAT per m²

The municipality of Lannilis has acquired the main nature area enclosing the village to the south. It is a small affluent valley to the Aber Benoît River, combining several wetlands, some of which were damaged when the old village was urbanised.
The project consists in creating four vast rainwater holding basins in keeping with the catchment basin relating to current and planned urbanisation. The aim is to avoid splitting up the management of rainwater through making a small rainwater basin for every urbanisation operation.
Those technical areas are part of an approach to enhance wetland landscapes and to make them easier to get to, both for recreational strolls and day-to-day use. The explorer pathways also act as urban links towards schools and other public facilities from the various (existing and future) housing estates bordering the site.
Old hydraulic structures (a small heritage of washing-places and fountains) present on the site are being restored and enhanced as part of the operation, while more recent facilities like the water treatment plant are being redesigned so as to fit better into the landscape.
The project revives and highlights the wetlands for both environmental and educational purposes, by restoring settings that have been filled in. Planted basins are managed as wetland parks featuring different topologies that are specific to wetlands, like prairies, reed beds and lagoons.

This project is part of the Eco-Faur scheme.