Development center Airbus Helicopters – MARIGNANE (Bouches-du-Rhône)


Completion year 2015
Contracting Authority Airbus Helicopters
Mission Creating a green roof for the new development centre and landscaping the vicinity. BREEAM certification
Project Management Team Architects Atelier Michel Rémon (mandated agent), Landscape architects and designers Laure Planchais
Surface area 2,500m² (rooftop plantations) and 1,460m² in soil
Budget Confidential
Ratio Confidential

This project is part of the development of the R&D centre in the huge, totally artificial industrial estate surrounding the airport. The building plot is one of the rare planted areas within the sector. The project strategy is focused on substantial tree-planting, in a bid to compensate, as much as possible, for the required felling, and to recreate a “semi-wild” area that is more of a bushland than a garden.
Plantation will occur in the vicinity of the building and on the rooftop, sloping from the ground to the ridge of the machine house. This will result in a genuine artificial “hill” where the project will produce a botanical gradient combining spruce groves and bushland.
The palette will feature a xerophile Mediterranean flowering procession, typical of bushland and suitable where water is scarce. Only the rooftop will have an integrated watering system.