National Grand Prize for Landscape Architecture 2012

Landscapes are a nation’s shared heritage, and this is why we place them at the core of our best projects and our top talent. As a vital component in individual and social well-being, landscapes are protected, managed and designed through the combined efforts of knowledgeable contracting authorities and inspired project managers.
The NATIONAL GRAND PRIZE FOR LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE is a reward for exemplary operations commissioned by a public contracting authority and completed more than three years prior. It is awarded by the Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy through a jury made up of French and European celebrities, local authority representatives and trade associations.

The winner was sponsored as France’s entry for the Council of Europe’s Landscape Award in 2013.
Held every other year by the Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy, the NATIONAL GRAND PRIZE FOR LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE is a reward for exemplary achievements completed at least three years earlier. It jointly rewards the French public contracting authority and the project manager (a French or European landscape architect), as well as any groups who may have been involved in the operation. The NATIONAL GRAND PRIZE FOR LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE is open to all municipalities or town associations, all local authorities and all government agencies and departments, in metropolitan France and in overseas territories. The operations must involve policies for landscape protection, management and design that will meet landscaping quality standards and objectives obeying the terms of article 1 of the European Landscape Convention. Operations that include trans-border projects may also apply. The intent of the prize is to reward the correlation between the articulation of a government decision and the landscape architect’s ability to deliver. It also aims at putting the spotlight on exemplary initiatives in both France and Europe.

In 2012, the Parc du Grand Pré in Langueux, Côtes-d’Armor received the award.

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