Renewal of public areas in the town centre – GOUDELIN (Côtes-d’Armor)


Completion year 2013
Contracting Authority Municipality of Goudelin
Mission Renewing the public areas in Rue de la Mairie
Project Management Team Landscape architects and designers Laure Planchais (mandated agent), Consulting engineers SAFEGE, Town-planning architects Sylvie Cahen
Surface area 8,500 m²
Budget €450,000 exc. VAT
Ratio €53 exc. VAT per m²

The renewal of Goudelin town centre enhances public areas by giving pedestrians their rightful place back. Simultaneously, the operation has highlighted the shops and public facilities and led them to comply with accessibility standards.
The spaces to the right of the school and town hall were reassembled into genuine public squares that foster a revived conviviality:

  • A small green, complete with benches and gardens where parents may wait for their children to leave school.
  • A low wall in front of the town hall for use for group photos at ceremonies and other municipal events.

This project was part of the Eco-Faur scheme.

Feedback (last visit in 2015)

  • Asphalt on small surfaces is not suitable using the mechanical laying technique that requires large, obstacle-free spaces. The joints made from the cement mix used in percolating the concrete in buffers, inspection hatches and other sealed elements do not connect.
  • Our first use of shape-memory bollards has proven rather conclusive… except that while we were laying them in, passers-by wanted to test this new material!
  • Cullet added to the cladding of the low shale walls