Renewal of the town centre – TRÉMEREUC (Côtes-d’Armor)


Completion year 2014
Contracting Authority Municipality of Trémereuc
Mission Renewing the town centre
Project Management Team Landscape architects and designers Laure Planchais (mandated agent), Consulting engineers SAFEGE, Light designers Coup d’Eclat
Surface area 10,500 m²
Budget €450,000 exc. VAT
Ratio €43 exc. VAT per m²

The town of Tréméreuc has experienced an unusual urban past. The former town core was replaced following the arrival of the railway in the late 19th century, by a new centre in the shape of a village strip along a new road (county highway RD118 towards Dinard) which quickly became the major thoroughfare. The recent creation of a bypass for that road (county highway RD7766) has led to a new interest in the possibility of renewing and reviving public spaces. The rural aspect of this town featuring a very loose urban fabric deserved to be highlighted.
Consequently, the project focused on working towards a very “green” public space. It created a genuine pedestrian thoroughfare extending from the town’s only remaining shop, a workingman’s bar/tobacconist/restaurant. A bus shelter for school buses became a public space to foster conviviality. The parking spots were made of a grassy earth and stone mix (except by the restaurant).
All of the verges along the houses and property limits were given perennial plants to enhance the verdant garden aspect of this unusual village main street.

This project was part of the Eco-Faur scheme.

Feedback (last visit in 2016)

  • The landscaping is gradually settling in. The slow-down effect seems to be functioning and the pedestrian thoroughfare appears to be well utilised.